Accessibility statement

Published 01.05.2023 - Last checked 23.05.2023

This statement concerns this website, which is the responsibility of the Profetia Solutions Oy and maintained by Profetia Solutions Oy. The site is subject to the Act on the Provision of Digital Services.

Current accessibility

We have reviewed the website to verify whether it meets the level AA accessibility requirements of WCAG 2.1. The website meets the accessibility requirements partially. In May 2023 we have corrected some issues, such as colour contrasts, alt text of images and plain language of links. It is possible that some of the website's functions cannot be made to conform to the accessibility requirements without significant changes and costs. Given the limited duration of the project (three years) and the limited resources of the project, we have estimated that compliance with all accessibility requirements currently imposes a disproportionate burden on the project. The following functions do not comply with the accessibility requirements, because we have not been able to fully conform to these requirements due to the large amount of work needed to do so: Infographics. The following functions are not accessible, because the accessibility legislation does not apply to them: Third-party content not funded, developed or monitored by responsible organizations.
In the future, we will pay more attention to these problem areas. When adding new content to our website, our aim will be to make this content accessible.

Contact information and feedback on the website's accessibility

If you would like to access information or a service that is currently not accessible in an alternate way, please send us email at contact point in Profetia Solutions Oy.
In responsible organization, accessibility issues and feedback are mainly handled by the administration and communications services. You have the right to give us feedback on our website's accessibility. We will be extremely grateful for all comments, questions and improvement suggestions, because we want to make our services as accessible as possible. You can contact us regarding accessibility at contact in Profetia Solutions Oy.
You also have the right to request a clarification regarding our website's accessibility or lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority if our response has been unsatisfactory. You can find more information and the instructions on the supervisory authority's website at

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